Vol 4, No 4 (December 2015): Chinese Clinical Oncology (Lung Cancer - Guest Editors: Jean-Pierre Armand and Liya Ju)


Jean-Pierre Armand, Liya Ju

Original Article

Combined treatment modalities in Pancoast tumor: results of a monocentric retrospective study
Gaelle Jeannin, Patrick Merle, Henri Janicot, Lise Thibonnier, Fabrice Kwiatkowski, Adel Naame, J. Baptiste Chadeyras, Géraud Galvaing, Aurélie Belliere, Marc Filaire, Pierre Verrelle
Prophylactic tracheotomy and lung cancer resection in patient with low predictive pulmonary function: a randomized clinical trials
Marc Filaire, Marie M. Tardy, Ruddy Richard, Adel Naamee, Jean Baptiste Chadeyras, Valence Da Costa, Patrick Bailly, Nathanaël Eisenmann, Bruno Pereira, Patrick Merle, Géraud Galvaing
Subclavian artery resection and reconstruction for thoracic inlet neoplasms
Olaf Mercier, Xiao-Dong Su, Benoit Lahon, Sacha Mussot, Dominique Fabre, Alexandra Delemos, Thierry Le Chevalier, Philippe G. Dartevelle, Elie Fadel