Article Abstract

Evaluation of miR-22 and miR-20a as diagnostic biomarkers for gastric cancer

Authors: Zahra Jafarzadeh-Samani, Sareh Sohrabi, Khadije Shirmohammadi, Hosein Effatpanah, Reza Yadegarazari, Massoud Saidijam


Background: Gastric cancer (GC) is the fourth most common cancers and the second reason for cancer-related death around the world, particularly in East Asian countries. Diagnosing GC in its early stages is followed by more successful treatment. Unfortunately, there is no accurate method for GC diagnosis in its early stages. Recently, miRNAs have been investigated in the most cancer researches which have demonstrated that they have been dysregulated in many cancers.
Methods: This case-control study aims to investigate the expression rate of miR-22 and miR-20a in 32 cancerous tissues as well as 32 healthy adjacent tissues. Quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (q-RT PCR) was used for investigating the expression rate of these miRNAs.
Results: The expression rate of miR-20a in cancerous tissues was significantly increased (8.9 times) in comparison with their healthy tissues (P<0.001), while the expression rate of miR-22 in cancerous tissues was significantly decreased (1.9 times) (P<0.05).
Conclusions: The obtained results suggest miR-22 and miR-20a as good diagnostic biomarkers for early detection of GC. However more research is needed to investigate their efficacy.