Wen-xiang Chen (Orthopaedic Surgery)

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Nanjing Jingling Hospital, Nanjing, China

I am a Master of Clinical Medicine of Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, which used to be the First Military Medical University.And as a master. I learnt most fundamental courses such as medical satistics, anatomy, medical English there. At last, I passed all of the courses with excellent results. Due to Nanjing Jingling Hospital is  an affiliated hospital of Southern Medical University, I went to that hospital to continue doing my scientific research and improving clinical skill after I accomplished my fundamental courses. My research direction is about the effect of gene polymorphism  on pathogenesis of the primary frozen shoulder. At present, despite lots of doctors and scientific researchers are devoted to this issue, the pathogenesis of the primary frozen shoulder is still unclear. If this confused problem is broken through, diagnosis and treatment of this disease will be facility and valid. Except doing research, I also enhance my clinical skill in Orthopaedic Surgery. By chance, I meet so many patients who are with bone tumour. When I diagnose the diseases, I always thinking if there is some methods that will cure bone tumour, particularly osteosarcoma which seems so critical and regularly needs chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After I get off work, in order to know the progress in this area, I invariably read much literature of bone tumour. Hopefully, as scientific researchers make great efforts on bone tumour all over the world, it will be brought under permanent control in the near future.