Vol 4, No 2 (June 2015):Brain Metastases - Guest Editors: Michael Weller,Matthias Preusser

Posted On 2015-06-26 14:50:11

Brain metastases are very frequent and life-limiting complications in cancer patients and are asso-ciated with serious neurological and neurocognitive symptoms. Our guest editors, Prof. Michael Weller and Prof. Matthias Preusser have shepherded  international experts to contribute a series of articles providing an overview of the current state and emerging perspectives on various aspects of brain metastasis research. The topics covered neuroimaging, prognostic scoring systems, neurosurgical and radiosurgical decision making, strategies for preservation of memory function, the inflammatory microenvironment, genomic profiling, novel targeted agents and the management of leptomenigial carcinomatosis in cancer patients with CNS affection.

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