Article Abstract

Expert consensus on the scheme of pathological diagnosis of primary liver cancer

Authors: Wen-Ming Cong, Xi-Qi Hu, Yun-Tian Sun, Yun-Shan Tan, Xiao-Long Ji, Jing-Ping Yun, Hong-Guang Zhu, Hui Guo, Rui-Aan Wang, Su-Xiang Liu, Hong-Lin Yin, Xi Wang, Zeng-Shan Li, Yuan Ji


Primary liver cancer is highly prevalent in China. The continued advances in the surgical diagnosis and treatment for liver cancer have facilitated the rapid development of clinicopathological diagnosis of liver cancer in China, a country with remarkable advantages in the amount and type of pathological specimens of liver cancer. Meanwhile, to develop tailored treatment schemes for patients and improve the long-term therapeutic effectiveness, clinically new requirements have been proposed for the information contained in a pathology report for liver cancer.