Interventional oncology: aiming globally to be the 4th pillar of cancer care

David C. Madoff, Julius Chapiro, Uei Pua


We are excited that Chinese Clinical Oncology has requested this special issue to focus on Interventional Oncology (IO). IO is a rapidly growing field within interventional radiology that aims to become the 4th independent pillar of oncologic care, alongside surgical, medical and radiation oncology. In recent years, the established oncologic community has understood the benefits of IO therapies in curative and palliative settings. In fact, IO therapies are now incorporated into many societal and disease treatment guidelines such as the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, American Society of Clinical Oncology and the European Society for Medical Oncology. Hopefully, with encouraging results coming from clinical trials where IO treatment strategies are at the forefront, interventional oncologists will play an even greater role in earlier patient allocation and improved outcome. Of course, many IO therapies will be used in combination with the other pillars with the goal of making oncologic patient management a truly multidisciplinary endeavor.