Prof. Jean Armand: personalized medicine in France and the niche in future international cooperation

Grace S. Li


Jean-Pierre Armand MD, MSc, certified in Medical Oncology, is senior consultant at Institute Gustave Roussy and Institute Curie in Paris (Figure 1). He was the General Director of the Institute Claudius Regaud the comprehensive cancer center in Toulouse and was in charge of the construction of a new cancer center (institute universitaire cancer) in a European research hub created in the Toulouse cancer campus. He is an active member of the Medical Oncology Community. Previously Head of Early Clinical New Drugs Programs and Medical Director Research and development at the Institute Gustave-Roussy, Villejuif, Prof. Armand is involved in Phase I II and III studies for the treatment of solid tumors. Prof. Armand is active at ESMO, EORTC and at EMEA French agency (AFSSAPS). In CSCO 2013 in Xiamen, China, professor Armand gave a presentation on personalized medicine in France and here we are honored to have an interview with Prof. Armand to detail the recent update in drug development.