EGFR-targeting therapy as an evolving concept: learning from nimotuzumab clinical development

Rolando Perez, Ernesto Moreno


Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-targeted therapies have been extensively evaluated in the clinic for different tumor localizations and using different EGFR-targeting products, either registered or still in clinical development. Nonetheless, there still is a long way to go to optimize the clinical benefit from EGFR-targeted therapies. In this article we briefly discuss on current paradigms guiding the use of EGFRtargeting agents in the clinic, and on new emergent concepts. The discussion is largely based on experiences from the clinical development of the monoclonal antibody nimotuzumab, which has shown a quite particular clinical profile, characterized by a very low toxicity. In order to optimize the design of EGFR-targeting therapies, clinical researchers should take into account the interconnection between the EGFR pathway and other cellular pathways. Thus, clinical trials need to incorporate more translational research.