Prof. Peter Yu: opportunities and challenges in big data era

Grace S. Li


Dr. Peter Yu is a Hematologist and Medical Oncologist at the Hematology-Oncology Department of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Northern California and Director of Cancer Research there .
Graduated from Brown University, Rhode Island, in 1980, Dr. Yu served his internship in St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center, NY and subsequently become Chief Resident there. He attained his Medical Oncology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York and his Hematology Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York where he was a Research Associate at the Kettering Institute, NY. Dr. Yu will become the President of American Society of Clinical Oncology 2014-2015 at the ACSO 2014 annual meeting. During the CSCO 2013 annual meeting in Xiamen, China,
Dr. Yu elaborated on the challenges, opportunities and accelerators for Oncology. As we are now increasingly in the big data era, Dr. Yu discussed his concerns and expectations in the management of medical data in this following personal interview (Figure 1).