Article Abstract

Pancreaticoduodenectomy with en bloc vein resection for locally advanced pancreatic cancer: a case series without venous reconstruction

Authors: Michele M. Gage, Bradley N. Reames, Aslam Ejaz, Johnathan Sham, Elliot K. Fishman, Matthew J. Weiss, Christopher L. Wolfgang, Jin He


Resection with clean margin (R0 resection) is associated with better survival in patients with pancreatic cancer. Over the last decade, advancements in preoperative chemotherapy and radiation therapy in pancreatic cancer have led to expansion of indications for surgical resection. Current guidelines define pancreatic cancer with unreconstructable vascular involvement as locally advanced, or surgically unresectable. We present our experience in managing patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer with a very unique series of patients who achieved R0 resection despite “unresectable” vascular involvement. Additionally, we review current guidelines, the ability to predict venous resection by imaging, outcomes after venous resection and reconstruction, published patency rates of venous reconstructions, and potential future implications of this novel technique.