Article Abstract

Inherited pancreatic cancer

Authors: Fei Chen, Nicholas J. Roberts, Alison P. Klein


Pancreatic cancers arise through a series of genetic events both inherited and acquired. Inherited genetic changes, both high penetrance and low penetrance, are an important component of pancreatic cancer risk, and may be used to characterize populations who will benefit from early detection. Furthermore, pancreatic cancer patients with inherited mutations may be particularly sensitive to certain targeted agents, providing an opportunity to personalized treatment. Family history of pancreatic cancer is one of the strongest risk factors for the disease, and is associated with an increased risk of caners at other sites, including but not limited to breast, ovarian and colorectal cancer. The goal of this chapter is to discuss the importance of family history of pancreatic cancer, and the known genes that account for a portion of the familial clustering of pancreatic cancer.