Article Abstract

The promise of stereotactic body radiotherapy—next phase of integration into oncological practice

Authors: Kevin L.M. Chua, David B.H. Tan, Melvin. L.K. Chua, Simon S. Lo


Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) or stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) is at an inflexion point in its development and widespread adoption. Over the past decade, by leveraging technological advancements in motion management, on-board imaging and beam delive ry, SBRT has become a key element in the management of many tumour types. This started with the targeting of small volume early stage disease resulting in excellent outcomes and increasingly in the oligometastatic and metastatic setting as our approach to these patients continues to evolve. This has generated great optimism and at the same time, significant pressure to replicate these early successes in more tumour types and disease states. Fortunately for us, exciting developments in recent times and on the horizon present many opportunities. It is therefore fitting that the Chinese Clinical Oncology chose to dedicate a special issue on SBRT to not only review the current utilization of SBRT in oncological practice, but more importantly, to highlight key developments on the horizon which will shape clinical implementation and practice.