Article Abstract

Perspectives in drug development for cancer therapy in Asia

Authors: Kazuhiko Nakagawa, Junji Tsurutani


It is my great pleasure and honor to participate in the editorial committee of the Journal of Chinese Clinical Oncology, and I would like to celebrate the successful launching of the official journal. The recent rise of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology with the accountability for cancer care and strong leadership in the field has been welcomed by many societies of oncology around the world such as JSMO, KACO, ASCO, and ESMO for the further collaborative efforts to eliminate the burden of cancer patients. In the last September, the 15th annual meeting of CSCO was successfully held in Beijing, and more than 30,000 internationally recognized oncologists around the globe attended to give informative and educational lectures to the participants. The success of the meeting is clearly indicative of the anticipation from many countries for the partnership with the organization to form coalition in a war on cancer, and it is believed that its contribution to development of cancer treatment is more inevitable than ever.